Merium Fernando, M.Sc.

M.Sc. Candidate
School of Pharmacy
University of Waterloo


  • Master of Science in Biochemistry, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

  • Bachelor of science in Microbiology, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

  • Diploma in Biotechnology Technician, Conestoga College, Canada

  • Honors Thesis Project, University of Waterloo, Canada (Dr. Bernard R. Glick)


Merium is currently enrolled in the M.Sc. program at the School of Pharmacy under the supervision of Dr. Roderick Slavcev. Prior to joining Dr. Slavcev’s lab, Merium worked as a Research Technician in a microbiology lab at the University of Waterloo. Her work focused on deciphering the biosynthesis pathways for butanol production in the anaerobic archaea Hyperthermus butylicus at both the molecular and biochemical level. Merium also completed an honours thesis project in the biology department at the University of Waterloo. Her thesis project involved the cloning and overexpression of various bacterial genes involved in the production of phytohormones, as well as functional characterization of the encoded proteins. Currently, she is working on the activation of a DNA endonuclease system, to help improve the efficiency of DNA ministring purification for transgene delivery.


  • President’s Honor List, Conestoga College

  • Dean’s Honor List, Conestoga College

  • 2nd Class Upper Division Honors, University of Kelaniya