Hibah Alattas, MSc., PharmD.

Ph.D. Candidate
School of Pharmacy
University of Waterloo



  • PharmD, King AbdulAziz University-School of Pharmacy, Saudi Arabia
  • Master of Science, Pharmacy, University of Waterloo, Canada 


Heba is currently enrolled in the PhD program at the School of Pharmacy under the supervision of Dr. Roderick Slavcev. Previously Heba completed her PharmD degree at King AbdulAziz University-School of Pharmacy in Saudi Arabia. In 2015, Heba successfully defended her Master's Thesis under the title ''Isolation and Characterization of Host mutations that suppress the Bacteriophage Lambda Rex Phenotype'' at the school of Pharmacy under the supervision of Dr. Slavcev. She is currently working on studying and elucidating the mechanism behind a unique and historic phenotype called the T4rII exclusion, or Rex, phenotype.


  • Taibah University Scholarship (2016-2019)
  • Nominated for Dean's Dissertation Award (2015)
  • Taibah University Scholarship (2012-2015)


Poster Presentations

  • Alattas, H., Slavcev, R., (2016). " Isolation and Characterization of Host Mutations that Suppress the Bacteriophage Lambda Rex Phenotype". Presented at: 2016 Molecular Genetics of Bacteria and Phages Meeting; University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.