HIV Phage and Plasmid Naming Contest

Thank you to all of our generous backers! We have successfully reached the goal for Part 1 of our HIV vaccine project...I'm quite conservative in my expectations for therapeutic success (as are most researchers in this field) but I've got a feeling that this project is indeed going to work and will impart great social benefit. It's my team's mission to provide therapeutic benefit on a global level...and to see this goal come one step closer to fruition and to be able to offer our science to people directly, answer questions and showcase our work, is greatly rewarding! Thank you to all of you who believe in our is people like yourselves that believe the world can be better and that we all humans deserve health and quality in our lives.

Two of our backers' particular generosity will be showcased! It is my honor to introduce Phage Lambda Khilnani and pKL01...thank you! The plasmid pKL01 has been designed and encodes the necessary eukaryotic information to transfer to the final hybrid bacteriophage (Phage Lambda Khilnani) that will serve as the final targeted HIV VLP-DNA vaccine delivery vector.

Thank you again to all of you for believing in our work and in our plight to make the world healthier!

to all of our backers for their support and shared vision for a healthy world :)