Congratulations, everyone!

Our SpringerBriefs book "Bacteriophage Applications -- Historical Perspective and Future Potential" is now out! A huge thank you to everyone involved!

This book explores key applications of phage biotechnology and reviews recent advances in phage display technologies. The applications covered were selected on the basis of their significance and representativeness in the field.

The small size and enormous diversity of bacteriophages make them ideal candidates for numerous applications across many industries. Since the discovery of phages and the advent of phage display systems, considerable attention has been focused on the development of novel therapeutic and industrial applications. Recent studies combine the genomic flexibility of phages with phage display systems in order to generate modified phages for targeted delivery.

Successful Biol 499B Colloquium Presentation by Sibyl Li


Congratulations Sibyl on her successful undergrad thesis presentation: "Construction of DNA-VLP HIV vaccine using bacteriophage lambda phage display and mediated delivery" at the Biol 499B Colloquium! Sibyl is a transfer student in China’s 2+2 program and a 4th year Biomedical Science student at the University of Waterloo. She received her Bachelor degree from Shandong Normal University with a major in biotechnology.  For the last 8 months we have enjoyed having Sibyl as part of the MediPhage team and wish her all the best in the future!