Amirreza Rafiee-Mediphage-1.png

Amirreza Rafiee, B.Sc., MBiotech

Ph.D. Candidate
School of Pharmacy
University of Waterloo


  • Bachelor of Science (Specialization in Cellular and Molecular Biology), Azad University, Tehran Medical Branch, Iran
  • Master of Biotechnology (Specialization in Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Delivery), School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia


Amir is currently enrolled in the Doctoral program at the School of Pharmacy, working under the supervision of Dr. Roderick Slavcev. Previously, Amir completed an undergraduate degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the Azad University, Tehran Medical Branch, Iran. In 2012, Amir successfully defended his Master’s Research Project Titled “Synthesis & Characterization of Dendrimeric Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone (LHRH) Agonist Drug Candidates” under the supervision of Professor Istvan Toth. His Ph.D. project focuses on the development of multi-component non-viral gene delivery systems for targeted delivery of nucleotide-based therapeutics.


  • Received Dean’s commendation for high achievement (GPA 7/7, Top 3 percent of students in the faculty of science), University of Queensland (2012)
  • ASBMB third prize for best presentation, 8th Annual SCMB Symposium (2012)
  • UQ Summer Research Scholarship (2012)
  • Research Scholar Award (# Scholarship: 2122930) from Executive Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Queensland (2012)
  • Received two Letters of Appreciation for obtaining 4th (2006-2007) and 5th (2007-2008) ranks in GPA, Islamic Azad University – Tehran Medical Branch


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  • Foldvari M, Chen DW, Nafissi N, Calderon D, Narsineni L and Rafiee A, “Non-viral gene therapy: Gains and challenges of non-invasive administration methods”, Journal of Controlled Release, 2016. 240: p. 165-190.

  • Gharagozloo M, Rafiee A, Chen DW and Foldvari M, “A flow cytometric approach to study the mechanism of gene delivery to cells by gemini-lipid nanoparticles: An implication of cell membrane nanoporation”, Journal of Nanobiotechnology, 2015.
    13(1): p. 62.

  • Foldvari M and Rafiee A, “Perspectives on using nanoscale delivery systems in dermatological treatment”, Current Dermatology Reports, 2015: p. 1-7.

  • Rafiee A, Mansfeld F, Moyle P and Toth I, “Synthesis and Characterization of Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone (LHRH)-Functionalized Mini-Dendrimers”, International Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2013. 3(1): p. 51-57.



    • Rafiee A, “Tri-Modal nucleic acid delivery systems”, U.S. Patent: 15/696,945, issued date Sep 6, 2017.


    Poster Presentations

    • Rafiee A, Chen DW, Gharagozloo M and Foldvari M, “Gemini nanoparticle formulation design for non-invasive cutaneous gene delivery: effect of neutral helper-lipids on transfection efficiency in vitro”, Canadian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2015.

    • Gharagozloo M, Rafiee A, Chen DW and Foldvari M, “Cell membrane nanoporation: a flow cytometric approach to study the mechanism of gene delivery to cells by gemini-lipid nanoparticles”, Canadian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2015.

    • Rafiee A, Mansfeld FM and Toth I, “Synthesis and characterization of dendrimeric LHRH agonist drug candidates”, 8th Annual SCMB Symposium.